Robert (typing_sound) wrote,

Dream recap before it fades..

native american / woman from india.. her face reflected in the coffee table, but only the reflection, not anyone really there, but it was real. saw her in an old book, maybe a photo album first. Said to myself "the mind is very powerful.. the experiences of meditation come from the power of the mind, but that doesn't lessen meditation in some way, as the mind has potentials far beyond what we realize."

was about to get on a train, had to use finger-print scanner. was with my mother and others. pressed my thumb to it, and the computer came up saying i had failed tests back in america, on physics, i just didn't get physics apparently. then a moment later i woke up back in my bed (still in dream) and i was naked... as if i had blacked out? my mum came in looking for me, they'd just missed the train waiting for me. i said, i don't know what happened, i blacked out or something, i was abducted(?) or something?

sitting in the garden with my mum, she was topless for some reason.. so was another lady, we are in france.. i was smoking a joint, or trying to, it wasn't smoking right. i asked her if i should sit a bit away from her, because of the smoke.

back to the indian lady.. i was scared at first, i said, don't hurt me, okay. the scrapbook said it was my wife or girlfriend? she had a buddha spot on her forehead, a hindu? was the album of myself in a past life? seeing old pictures of myself? that last sentence is almost a memory, but it's a bit foggy, but the memory fragments most likely point to that being true, that it was a album of my past life, and that was my wife.

out the window, i saw my friend bruno in a car. the car was stopped, in front of the car there was a giant carpet laying over the road. i thought it might be his carpet, (as he used to live downstairs?) i smiled at him from my window, which was on the 1st floor (one above ground).. but he didn't smile back, just looked a little concerned for me perhaps, or something slightly-non-positive emotion. And I thought it was because i was fake-smiling, as i found it difficult to smile.

these paragraphs aren't in correct time-order. i woke up after reading the album, seeing the indian ladies face and contemplating about the power of meditation.

was in a spaceship, had a big electronic map, looking down on the earth.. it was post-apocalypse... saw a spot in england, the land-bridge between england and ireland... zoome into it, and became the characters there on a boat, it was very very old times, like cavemen times or something..

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