Robert (typing_sound) wrote,

What is this all about?
Are you just pushing me to my limit?
Do I need to break,
is that it?
If that's what your doing, then maybe you're right.
I guess I do try to understand everything
and take control of this.
But you're pushing me to the precipice.
You're calling my bluff,
because it's turning out that I really can't do this.
I can't wrap my head around it;
I can't even take a single step on the path.
I'm completely incapable of getting anywhere with this.
Is that the point?
Do you want me to break
and let it go?
But you see, I'm crying now,
I've only felt I've been with myself.
How can I be sure if you'll even be there to catch me
if I let go?
Because I really don't understand,
I suppose if you push me off the edge
and I see the limit
and know there is nowhere left to go,
if it fully dawns on me
that there is nothing at all I could ever do to understand,
then never mind letting go:
there'll be nothing to even hold onto.
Perhaps then
you will come.

I've learned now
that madness is really the truth.
Those who have it all together are dreaming.

This next thing I will mention is
the noblest thing:
To step forward blindly.
That is the only step, but
taking it
is the noblest thing.
To leap off into the darkness
because only this:
I heard it whispered once
that you were on the other side
and your hands and eyes are more open than any others'
and they can never close.

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